Miss USA 2010 Pictures - Scandalous?


In Photos: Miss Delaware Julie Citro and Miss Maine Katie Whittier

Some people who have been following the Miss USA 2010 pageant find the candidates' official profile pictures as scandalous, too sexy or racy.

The profile pics or the glam shots of the 51 candidates are in 'black and white' and show the beauties doing sexy poses in bed.

The pictures of Misses Delaware and Maine are just two samples, but there's more in the Miss USA official site, which they say can be considered as scandal pictures.

Maybe they find it scandalous because the contestants are like posing for a Playboy magazine or in any men's magazine.

But for me, I don't find any wrong in the pictures. At least, it's for a change and not the usual glamour shots.

The Miss USA 2010 preliminary competition is scheduled tomorrow, May 12, while the finals will be held on May 16. Both will be staged at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Photos courtesy of Miss USA/Miss Universe Organization

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