Ivan Dorschner is nominated for eviction from PBB Teen Clash 2010

Ivan Dorschner, the PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemate with almost 200,000 fans on Facebook, is nominated for eviction this week. A first for Ivan!

It's too early to tell but with that huge number of fans, Ivan will definitely escape eviction this week.

Other nominees from the Villa are Tricia Santos (for the 4th time), Angelo Pasco (3rd time), Yen Santos (3rd time) and for the 1st time, Kazel Kinouchi.

Interestingly, Yen and Kazel only got 1 point each but they're nominated due to a tie between Angelo and Ivan, with 7 points apiece. Tricia had the most votes - with 11 nomination points.

As for the Apartment housemates, Carson Vince is nominated again for the 2nd consecutive week also with 11 points. He is joined by Richard Na (3 points) and Sophia Ko (6 points), both first-time nominees.

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