Gary Coleman dies of intracranial hemorrhage

Hollywood loses a former child star today. Gary Coleman died of
intracranial (and not intrecranial) hemorrhage Friday noon.

He was still young, at only 42 (February 8, 1968 to May 28, 2010).

That's a week after Gary collapsed due to intracranial hemorrhage (a
bleeding within the skull). He was in a coma state and put into a life

TMZ has learned that Gary Coleman's wife Shannon Price decided to pull
life support on May 28 morning.

Gary rose to fame as a child star in the comedy sitcom "Diff'rent
Strokes". His last movie appearance was in "Midgets vs Mascots".

In 1999, Dana Plato, Gary's fellow star in "Diff'rent Strokes" also
died young, at 34, of drug overdose, also in the month of May.

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