Robin Padilla is the 'Idol' host on Wowowee

Wowowee has revealed its new 'Idol' host today, May 15, and it's no less than Robin Padilla.

Robin Padilla was warmly welcomed by Wowowee's female hosts and was introduced as their special host.

And that means, he is hosting temporarily and not permanently. But Pokwang has mentioned he'll be with them everyday.

Watching at the audience to show support for Robin were Robin's mom Eva Cariño and his nephew.

Today's episode was definitely dedicated to Robin as the Willie of Fortune celebrity contestants were his 'sidekicks in movies' (Dennis Padilla, Hyubs Azarcon & Jeffrey Tam) and his past & future leading ladies: Vina Morales, Donita Rose and Toni Gonzaga.

On Twitter, Robin Padilla as the new host on Wowowee have made it to the Trending Topics worldwide. Wow! Robin Padilla placed 5th while Wowowee in 9th. That goes to show, people are open with the idea of having him in the show.

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