Charice as "Glee" star - Not True!

Pinoy fans have rejoiced the whole night when they've learned that Pop
Princess Charice will be a regular cast member of "Glee", a
widely-popular American musical-comedy show.

But it turned out just this morning that it's completely untrue or in
other words, just a "wish".

Philippine Daily Inquirer reported about it last night that Ms. Grace
Mendoza, Charice's manager in the Philippines, confirmed the rumors to
them that Charice will be joining "Glee" as a regular addition to the

The news was then picked up by other blogsites, including Perez
Hilton. Perez himself was ecstatic to hear about it. He told his
readers, "This. Is. HUGE!!!!!! We think this will be great fit for
her! We just want to know MORE!"

An hour later, Perez updated his post and said that it's not true,
according to Charice's manager in the US, Marc Johnston.

Charice, who is Tokyo, Japan now to promote her album, has twittered
an hour ago that how she wishes it's true, but it's not. "I just want
to let you all know, that it's not true that I'm going to be on
Glee...How I wish! ha ha." She also said that her manager Grace also
has no idea about it.

This saddens her Pinoy fans because they have been requesting for it,
to atleast Charice appears as guest in the show, especially after
"Jollibee" made a cameo appearance there last week.

It's kinda shameful that the rumors came from the Philippines. But why
Philippine Daily Inquirer would report that Mendoza told them about
it? Now, there are rumors that there was indeed a plan, but Glee
producers have changed their mind after the [still premature] plan
already leaked to the media.

I hope the latest rumor is not true and just like Charice, I also wish
she'd appear in the show.

P.S. Charice just shared the good news that her self-titled album has
debuted in #8 of Billboard 200, a chart for the topselling albums in
the US.

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