Nominees for eviction: Bret Jackson, Tricia Santos, Devon Seron & Jenny Kim

For the first time, American teenternational housemate Bret Jackson is
this week's nominee for eviction from the PBB house.

Bret got 1 point each from Ann Li, Jenny Kim and Ivan Dorschner. Jenny
nominated Bret because he gets irritated easily.

Three other housemates join Bret in the list of nominees and they are:
Jenny, Devon Seron and for the 6th time, Tricia Santos. It's both a
2nd time for Jenny and Devon.

Tricia got a high total of 14 points collected from 7 housemates
including James Reid who described her as "annoying". Tricia also
nominated James for being "sobrang tamad". James and Tricia once liked
each other, but not anymore lately.

And now that there are only 10 housemates left in the house, Big
Brother has revived the "vote to evict" and "vote to save" options in
the voting process, which poses a big danger to the most hated
housemate of the season.

Here's how they voted against each other:

Fretzie - 1 pt for James, 2 pts for Jenny
Bret - 1 Ann, 2 Tricia
Devon - 1 Ann, 2 Jenny
Ann - 1 Bret, 2 Tricia
Angelo - 1 Ryan, 2 Tricia
Jenny - 1 Bret, 2 Tricia
Ryan - 1 Angelo, 2 Tricia
James - 1 Fretzie, 2 Tricia
Tricia - 1 James, 2 Devon
Ivan - 1 Bret, 2 Tricia

Pinoy (Tricia 14 pts, Devon 2 pts, Fretzie 1 pt, Angelo 1 pt, Ivan 0)
Teenternational (Jenny 4 pts, Bret 3 pts, James 2 pts, Ann 2 pts, Ryan 1 pt)

Only 1 of the 4 nominated housemates will be evicted on Saturday.

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