Miley Cyrus Lap Dance Video Scandal

'The Climb' singer Miley Cyrus has climbed big notches up when it
comes to maturity when a 'lap dance video scandal' of hers surface on
the net yesterday. actually is the first to release the scandalous lap dance
video and it shows Miley doing a lap dance for a 44-year-old man Adam
Shankman, who produced Miley's movie "The Last Song" shown in March.

And the lap dance of Miley was considered too sexy, dirty and graphic
for a 17-year-old Miley.

But the video reportedly was taken during the wrap-up (last shooting
day) party of their movie in August 2009 and that means, Miley was
only 16 then coz she just turned 17 last November.

Some people are now judging Miley, calling her as the new Lindsay
Lohan, but I think, Shankman really was out of line considering he's
much older and he could stop the last dance.

Shankman is openly gay and not flirting with Miley, but some say it's
not an excuse for him not to be responsible in his action. According
to them, doing a dirty dance with a minor is never right.

Shankman was also pointed out as the guy who posted Cyrus' provocative
scandal photos on Twitter last year.

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