Evicted: Joe Vargas, Jack Yoon, Sophia Ko and Patrick Sugui

Four housemates were sent home on PBB Teen Clash 2010 6th Eviction Night.

Pinoy housemates Joe Vargas and Patrick Sugui, and Teenternationals Jack Yoon and Sophia Ko, both from Korea, are the latest evictees from the house after they got the lowest percentage of votes.

As expected, Australian James Reid got the highest %age among the 4 nominated Teenternationals. He had a very high 68.86%. That's the highest ever this season!

As for the 4 Pinoy housemates up for eviction, Tricia Santos again topped the votes with. For the 5 times she was nominated, she consistently got the highest votes from the viewers.

James 68.86%
Jenny 14.59%
Sophia 12.24%
Jack 4.31%

Tricia 53.28%
Angelo 23.79%
Patrick 17.33%
Joe 5.60%

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