'Velasco Brothers' stands out on PGT 3rd Semi-Finals Night

It's no doubt that the 'Velasco Brothers' was the stand-out in the 3rd
semi-final round of Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT). The group showed
superb acrobatic skills & There's no reason for them not to be in the
grand finals.

Keith Clark Delleva, the 14-year-old electric guitarist, meanwhile got
buzzed up by the 3 judges to stop performing 'coz the sound was bad.
Yeah, it really didn't sound good but it was a technical problem on
the part of PGT.

Even singer-composer Rico Blanco tweeted about his disappointment on
what happened to Keith. He said, "I feel bad 4 d kid. Not his fault
they screwed up the tv & foh mix. Would love to have Keith jam in my
band anytime."

Wow, Rico Blanco wants Keith in his band! That goes to show even if
Keith loses in PGT, a lot of OPM Bands will get him.

Later in the show, Keith was asked to perform again and it was way
better, but it seemed the judges didn't like it. My advice for Keith
fans (I'm one of them haha), make sure he'd top the votes so he gets
through the finals, because if ever he lands in 2nd or 3rd in the
voting, the judges won't pick him.

As for Rolando Ng III, the cutie 7-year-old singer, he performed
better during the audition. I didn't like his performance tonight.
Yes, he maintained the charm and the cuteness, but the singing was
just okay. But I'm pretty sure he'd still get more votes. Besides,
he's a favorite by the judges. If it happens that they have to choose
between Keith and Rolando, they're gonna choose Rolando.

Alexis Carpena, the robot dancer, was a surprise. He was also
outstanding. I just hope it would translate into votes.

Here's how I rank the 3rd batch of semi-finalists:

1. Velasco Brothers of Cainta, Rizal
2. Keith Clark Delleva of Pasay City
3. Rolando Ng III of Cagayan De Oro
4. Alexis Carpena of Cabuyao, Laguna
5. Manolito 'Manoling' Saldivar of Dumaguete City
6. Reggie Ramirez of Davao

For voting instructions, visit pilipinasgottalent.abs-cbn.com .

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