Wonder Girls '2 Different Tears' album launch in the US

K-Pop group Wonder Girls, the group which gave us the smash hit
'Nobody' in 2009, is set to launch its international album '2
Different Tears' in the US.

The album launch (worldwide release) is scheduled, May 15, 5PM at the
Conga Room in L.A., so that's May 16 morning here in the Philippines
and it's going to have a live webcast at ustream.tv where anyone in
the world could watch the happening straight from L.A.

The '2 Different Tears' album is considered a multilingual album, with
11 tracks and the carrier single is recorded in 3 languages. The
tracks are: 1) 2 Different Tears 2) So Hot 3) Tell Me 4) Nobody 5) 2
Different Tears (Remix) 6) Nobody (Rainstone Remix) 7) Nobody (Jason
Nevins Remix) 8) 2 Different Tears (Korean) 9) 2 Different Tears
(Chinese) 10) 2 Different Tears (Karaoke) 11) 2 Different Tears

Wonder Girls is the first Korean group to have had a single (Nobody)
in the Billboard Hot 100. It happened in October 2009.

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