PBB Teen Clash 2010 evicts 3 housemates

Two Pinoy housemates from Villa and one teenternational housemate from the Apartment got evicted from the PBB House.


Tricia 42.49%
Angelo 20.25%
Yen 17.05%
Yong 11.67% - evicted
Jovic 8.54% - evicted

Ann 52.54%
Carson 24.13%
April 23.33% - evicted

I actually expected Jovic and April to leave, but not Yong. I feel sad for him coz he has been doing so good in the house.

I was expecting for Angelo to go, but he managed to placed 2nd and even beat Yen. Wow, people from Antique are indeed in full support for him.

PBB's build-up and much exposure for Angelo this week probably helped him a lot. Remember, her mother entered the house as a servant to the housemates in exchange of a scholarship for her son. But I think the touching build-up for Angelo was unfair for the other nominees, most especially for Yong.

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