Pinoy housemates made Bret Jackson cry

Pinoy housemates, led by Joe Vargas, offended the Teenternational
housemates last night, most especially American Bret
Jackson. Hurt and offended, Bret cried.

It happened after the Pinoy HMs performed a rap song for the
teenternationals, trying to convince them to give a 2nd spot
to them in the Big 4.

As we all know, that TT housemates have 3 slots in the Big Night while
Pinoy HMs have just 1 as a result of their weekly tasks in the last
three weeks.

Patrick Sugui and Joe, confident that they are Big 4 potential, made
an appeal to Kuya to give them another chance and that is by having a
re-match with the TT HMs so they could have another slot in the
Big 4. Kuya granted their request, but only if the teenternationals will agree. So Kuya asked the Pinoy teens to appeal in
front of the foreign teens.

But instead of convincing them with their rap song, they offended them
and made Bret cry. Bret said that it's painful to hear and even more
painful to hear it from people he considers as friends.

You can watch a video of it here . But if you don't want to get irritated with the Pinoy HM, then don't
watch the video.

It shows what kind of mentality and values they have.

From what I understand, here's what they're trying to point out: that
as the Pinoy HMs, they are the most deserving to earn more
slots and the teenternationals, despite being deserving of it since they've
worked hard for it, should not be given the slots in the first place
because they're not Pinoys.

Sounds racist right? You know, if it happens to a Pinoy in other
countries, the whole Filipinos will be launching a revolution already.

But in this case, the foreign housemates are experiencing it from the Pinoys.

If there's one housemate who's being blamed by PBB followers for
influencing other HMs to think that way, it's Joe because of a rap
song he did more than a week ago. Watch video.

Special thanks to my Twitter friend buhawi1286 for the video links

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