Evicted: Richard Na, Carson Vince, Yen Santos & Kazel Kinouchi

It was a quadruple eviction on PBB Teen Clash 2010. Four housemates
have just been evicted and they are Richard Na of Korea, Carson Vince
of Canada, Kazel Kinouchi of Parañaque City and Yen Santos of Nueva

I'm sad for Richard 'coz he's also a life in the house and for Yen as
well coz she only got to spend a short time with her crush Jack Yoon.

Declared safe were Sophia Ko, Ivan Dorschner, Tricia Santos and Angelo
Pasco. Angelo always surprises me. For the third time, he escapes
eviction and has been destroying my poll's predictions. He's long been
"over due" already!

It was a close fight though between Yen and Angelo. Yen got 15.29% of
votes while Angelo received 16.80%.

And the most surprising results last night...Ivan got only 18.43%
while Tricia was so far ahead with 43.33%. The world definitely
sympathized with her especially after her birthday celebration when
all Pinoy housemates turn their backs against her.

Here's the voting results:

Tricia 43.33%
Ivan 18.43%
Angelo 16.80%
Yen 15.29%
Kazel 6.15%

Sophia 43.76%
Richard 34.06%
Carson 22.18%

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