LeBron James' mom and Delonte West alleged scandal

There's a malicious rumor going on just today that LeBron James' mom
Gloria James reportedly is sleeping or had slept with LeBron's
teammate Delonte West.

Wow, this could be the biggest and most disturbing scandal ever on NBA.

LeBron James and Delonte West are both players for NBA team Cleveland
Cavaliers and according to the rumors, West, who's 26 years old, has
been sleeping with James' mom, who probably in her 40's or 50's.

The rumor started on TerezOwens.com, a sports-gossip web site. The
author's source said, "My uncle has been told that Delonte has been
banging Gloria James for some time now. Somehow Lebron found out
before game 4 and it destroyed their chemistry and divided the team. I
am not making this up. I wish it wasn't true but it happened."

If you notice, the website's source is only the 3rd to be told about
the rumor. Now, who's the root source, the one who told the tipster's

In an interview with a WCWP radio station in New York, Terez Owens,
the author of the site, said that it was only e-mailed to him and
posted it on the site.

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