Patrick Sugui: Tricia has a body odor!

While eating on the dining table with Joe Vargas and Ivan Dorschner, Patrick Sugui said (while chewing food), "Tricia has a body odor..."

That's what was shown on PBB Teen Clash 2010 tonight. And the boys were kinda harsh and mean.

A girl's body odor is definitely a big turn-off for the boys and being talked about as having a bad odor is the worst thing a girl could hear from the opposite s-x.

Joe even said that Tricia (Santos) keeps used towel in the box for 3 days. "She's cute...but disgusting," he said.

I think if they really don't like Tricia's smell, the boys should have atleast seeked help from one female housemate close to Tricia so she could change her habit.

Tomorrow is another nomination night, it's not a surprise if Tricia gets nominated again because of her smell.

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