Judges pick Sherwin Baguion over Fame Flores for PGT Grand Finals

Two acts from Mindanao head to the finals of Pilipinas Got Talent.

The voters have picked Davao's Ezra Band (composed of Kaye Cal, Nor
Rayray, Jester Kadusale & John Bahala) while the judges chose Sherwin
Baguion of Lanao del Norte.

Ezra Band topping the votes was expected but I'm a bit surprised with
Cebu's Goldies & Goodies getting the lowest percentage of votes. What
happened Cebu? This group of senior women, who danced to a Shakira hit
last night, did not get much the votes of the Cebuanos or the Bisaya

But I'm still happy though for balladeer Sherwin, whom 2 of the 3
judges have chosen over Fame Flores. Some fans of Fame are reportedly
protesting the judges' decision because according to them, basing on
the two's performances tonight, where they had to perform again, Fame
did better than Sherwin.

FMG chose Fame 'coz Sherwin didn't hit the high notes during his 2nd
performance while Ai-Ai de las Alas picked Sherwin 'coz he was perfect
last Saturday. Kris Aquino had the toughest decision to make & she
sided with Ai, citing Sherwin's performance as having an impact or

I actually had a disastrous ranking predictions last night. My ranking
was in this order: Ezra Band, Goldies & Goodies, Reiniel Tulabing,
Sherwin, Fame & BM.

But the officia voting results is as follows:

1. Ezra Band of Davao del Sur 33.08% - Viewers' Choice
2. Fame Flores of Parañaque 25.05%
3. Sherwin Baguion of Lanao del Norte 17.99% - Judges' Choice
4. Reiniel Tulabing of Rizal 11.10%
5. Joel Amper aka Big Mouth or BM of Manila 7.11%
6. Goldies & Goodies of Cebu 5.67%

This is the 1st time that the judges picked the 3rd placer in votes.
In the previous weeks, they chose the act who ranked 2nd.

There are now 8 contenders for the grand finals: 6 from Luzon & 2 from Mindanao.

Another 6 semifinalists will compete this Saturday, May 29, for two
slots in the finals & they are (mostly kids) Experience Kids, Jzan
Vern Tero, Maria Jeline Oliva, Harold Jomar Gesulga, Luntayao Family &
Powerpuff Corn.

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