PBB Teen Clash Kissing Scandal


What's today's hot topic about PBB Teen Clash 2010? Well, definitely it's the "kissing dare" that happened last night inside the house.

The teen housemates (except for Angelo) had a "spin the bottle" game once again last night. They already did this kind of game and the dare back then was just a kiss on the cheek.

But now, it's more daring as the kiss had to level up and no longer just a kiss on the cheek.

PBB live stream subscribers were able to catch it and according to them, housemates who kissed each other were Jack - Devon, Patrick - Jenny, Bret - Fretzie, Tricia - James and Ivan - Ann.

I could not describe to you what kind of kiss they did, but the point is...they kissed!

And how about Joe? He's the one being pointed out as the one who chose who the housemates had to kiss.

Kuya reportedly got so mad at them because of what happened. And a punishment awaits them.

Now, PBB followers are debating on it online. Some say it was just fine while some think it's too much for teens like them.

Such thing actually happens in reality, but of course, it's still not a good example to other teens and to the kids out there, especially that some of them are below 18 years old. And besides, it's a teen edition and not a regular one.

And that is why, I think PBB won't bother to show it on primetime, which is the right thing to do.

Screenshot courtesy of peppa_pig of PEX
Special thanks to buhawi1286 for the 'tip'

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