Greyson Chance beats Justin Bieber...on Twitter's 10 Trending Topics

I've been monitoring the Top 10 Trending Topic on Twitter for 24 hours
now and everytime I check on it, I could not get the chance to see
'Justin Bieber' among them, which is unusual.

Justin Bieber was consistently among the trending topics on Twitter,
but not anymore when Greyson Michael Chance performed on 'The Ellen
DeGeneres Show' last Thursday and wowed the whole world.

Since that guesting, Greyson has been trending on Twitter and Bieber
is missing now. What happened? Do some of Bieber fans change
preference on who to idolize now? Or Greyson has an all-new set of
fans, bigger than Justin's?

Some tweeters are debating as to who's more talented between Greyson
and Bieber, some are hating one or another while some have no other
option but to love them both.

It's too early to tell, but Ellen is proving right in saying that
Greyson Chance is the next teen sensation. Yes, he's not yet a teen
sensation 'coz he's only 12. But he's truly a phenomenon today, a kid
sensation for now.

As of 7:28am today, here's what trending on Twitter: NBC cancels
HEROES, #anydaynow, #myquestionis, tomwellingissuperman, Sumera,
HappyBdayAnahi, Greyson, Virada Cultural, Oil Spill and Delonte.

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