Teenternational housemates nominated Tricia Santos for eviction

I thought Tricia Santos will finally be spared from being nominated
for eviction from the PBB house because Kuya changed the nomination
process. But that didn't happen.

Kuya asked each Pinoy housemate to nominate two Teenternational
housemates and vice versa. But still Tricia got nominated, receiving
11 points from all teenternational housemates except for James Reid,
who has a crush on Tricia.

This is now the 5th time for Tricia to get nominated. But she'll
definitely survive the eviction agaid.

I'm happy that Joe Vargas is nominated, just like most PBB followers
out there. He's kinda annoying already in the house. It's his 2nd time
to get nominated and maybe the last time already.

Other Pinoy nominees are Patrick Sugui (3rd time) and Angelo Pasco (4th time).

As for the teenternational housemates, nominated for the first time is
James Reid, Jenny Kim and Jack Yoon while it's a 2nd time for Sophia

So for the record, the housemates who haven't been nominated are Bret
Jackson, Ryan Bang and Fretzie Bercede. Are these three Big 4

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