PBB's Tricia Santos among Twitter's trending topics worldwide

PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemate Tricia Santos has made it to Twitter's trending topic worldwide last night, May 20, 2010.

It happened after it was shown on PBB Primetime the simultaneous birthday celebrations of Tricia and another housemate Devon Seron. Tricia, whose 15th birthday falls on May 18th, had a pool party at the Villa while Devon, who turns 17 on May 20, celebrated her birthday at The Apartment.

Only 5 people attended Tricia's birthday party in the house whereas Devon's b-day celebration had 11 attendees.

Then, viewers talked about Tricia on Twitter, most of them were sympathizing with her. Because of that, 'Tricia' was among the trending topics worldwide on Twitter 2-3 hours, even ranking 5th at one point.

The attendees were just their fellow housemates. Those who attended Tricia's party were teen-ternational housemates James, Ann, Jack, Richard and Jenny. While Devon celebrated her birthday with Pinoy housemates Joe, Ivan, Fretzie, Yen, Kazel, Patrick and Angelo as well
as teenternational housemates Bret, Ryan, Sophia and Carson.

That goes to show that all Pinoy housemates, even the original housemates from the Apartment, don't like Tricia or not that close to her. Little did they realize that it will bring more
followers for Tricia outside the house.

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