Luntayao Family and Jeline Oliva move through the PGT Grand Finals

Luntayao Family, a group of singers from Negros Occidental, and Maria
Jeline Oliva, a 13-year-old violinist fro, have been chosen to advance
for the grandfinals of Pilipinas Got Talent, which happens on June 12
& 13 at the Araneta Coliseum.

On tonight's results show, the Luntayao Family was chosen by texters
and online voters while Jeline Oliva was picked unanimously by the
judges over the Powerpuff Corn.

As what I have said last night, it was a tough batch to predict who
will top the votes. What I ranked the least in my predictions last
night turned out to be the ones who garnered the highest votes.

My ranking predictions: 1. Powerpuff Corn 2. Harold Jomar Gesulga 3.
Jzan Vern Tero 4. Experience Kidz 5. Luntayao Family 6. Maria Jeline

But the actual results were:
1. Luntayao Family 28.19%
2. Maria Jeline Oliva 20.62%
3. Powerpuff Corn of Baguio City 18.71%
4. Harold Jomar Gesulga of General Santos City 14.56%
5. Experience Kidz of General Santos City 12.29%
6. Jzan Vern Tero of Cebu City 5.64%

One more week to go before the grand finals and two more slots have to
be filled. The last batch of semifinalists will perform on Saturday
and they are Baguio Metamorphosis, Imusicapella Chamber Choir, Carl
Malone Montecido, Josephine Aton and Hello World.

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