Diether Ocampo Photo Scandal? Happy Birdy Diet!


Teleserye Prince Diether Ocampo will become a year older as he turns 32 tomorrow, July 19, 2008.

Diether Ocampo's 32nd birthday celebration is yet to come but he's facing a "little" controversy in relation to his past birthday celebration.

The hunky actor is being haunted by his "pajama" birthday party at the Big Sky Mind in 2006, which was believed to be organized then by former girlfriend Kristine Hermosa.

There's actually nothing wrong with the theme of the party, but fans are now worried of Diether Ocampo's scandalous photos circulating online, wherein long-haired Diet was shot in pyjama from the said party, with a little 'naughty' twist.

Diether Ocampo alleged photo scandal

The photos, which have been posted in fora and in the blog site Pinoy Urge, solicited some reactions from netizens.

A fan of Kristine finds it "malaswa" even if it was just for fun or meant to be a joke.

Another fan is worried with Diet's image as the founder of K.I.D.S. (Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan) Foundation in the Philippines.

"The censored pics should be kept in the chest and should not be allowed for public viewing. Better if they might as well burn the censored pics or delete the videos in their cellphones. My hubby and I already saw the deleted pics and some guests in the said 30th or 31st bday party of Diet in 2006 even took videos or photos. Diet shouldn't do it again even just for "fun". Others might question his decency as a proponent for the KIDS Foundation. We should set as good examples to the kids," said the fan.

I think the birthday party happened prior to Diether's involvement in the KIDS Foundation.

As an actor, Diether had been very daring when it comes to the roles he portrayed in movies such as La Vida Rosa (2001), Bahid (2002) and Nasaan Ka Man (2005).

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