Sam Milby - Marie Digby nightout at Bora's Hey Jude Bar


This is already the Part 2 of my post about rockoustic heartthrob Sam
Milby and American acoustic singer Marie Digby who were spotted in
Boracay the other week.

I have mentioned in my previous post that someone from Boracay has
shared to me that they were seen chilling out at Bora's hot spot Hey
Jude Bar.

Hoping that I will get more juicy details to establish a story of
possible romance between them, I asked him first if they're sweet with
each other. But my source, who is a "regular" in Boracay, was quick to
say that they're not.

Oh, do we have to be happy for that?

According to my source, the two came at the bar when it was about to
close and they ordered a drink (but he's not sure what drink). And
whenever someone could recognize Sam and would ask a picture with
them, the girl would distance herself.

"Everytime someone wanted a photo with him, she moved far out the way.
Even when the other people wanted her in it, she ran off to hide from
the camera," he said.

So, there must be really something between them. If they're just
friends, why didn't she like to be photographed with Sam?

He insisted that they really looked like good friends. But he added,
"I think it's a cover..."

Cover for what?

Oh that's it for now. He did answer that but I'm choosing not to reveal it.

And whatever it is, let's just be happy for Sam if he already found a
new Anne Curtis in his life, just like Anne who's exclusively dating
Erwan Heusaff.

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