TV Patrol to 24 Oras: "It's not a hologram!"

TV Patrol World has reported tonight that what GMA 7's 24 Oras has
been claiming as a 'hologram' is not really a hologram.

24 Oras has repeatedly said since Monday that they're using a hologram
for its newest feature, wherein the reporter or a person being
interviewed appears in front of the anchor, as if they're talking face
to face.

TV Patrol World also has that feature starting last Monday, but they
describe it as 'virtual presence'.

On TV Patrol's newscast tonight, tech-patroller TJ Manotoc talked to 2
foreign I.T. experts and clarified that what GMA is using is not a
hologram because it's not using a 3D image and 360 degree-cameras.

Probably realizing their mistake, 24 Oras has opted to use the term
"hologram effect" tonight instead of just "hologram" which they used
in the past 2 nights. They interviewed boxer-turned-congressman Manny
Pacquiao and asked him to do some boxing moves to disprove others'
claims that it's fake.

I really had fun watching those two programs tonight with the
'hologram issue' being given due attention.

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