Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, dating? They had a 'sushi' together!

Teen singing superstars Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus reportedly had a
date last Monday in the US. Do Bieber fans love to hear it?

The website x17online.com has an exclusive scoop about it reporting
that Bieber and Cyrus had a 'sushi dinner date' last Monday at Ari-Ya,
a Japanese restaurant in West Hollywood, California.

And Miley's driver reportedly was the one who fetched Bieber at a West
Hollywood hotel before meeting up at Ari-Ya.

It also has a photo showing Bieber and Cyrus strolling at the mall.
And Cyrus, who's 17 and taller than Bieber, looked like an older
sister of Bieber (he's 16). For me, they're so unlikely.

And since Miley Cyrus was already reported dating model Liam
Hemsworth, I would like to believe that this 'going out' issue buzz is
just an early promo / publicity stunt for a possible project together.

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