Teenternational Housemates on PBB Teen Clash 2010

Ivan Dorschner has found his match, as several foreign-looking
housemates have entered the PBB house tonight.

10 bedspacers called the 'Teenternational Housemates' are now staying
at The Apartment and they're going to make a clash with the Villa

And just because K-Pop is 'in' today, 5 of the 10 Teenternational
housemates are from South Korea.

There's 1 from the USA named Bret, who looks like Justin Bieber.
Actually, I was already sleepy, but not until I saw Bret entering the

Meet them:

1. Bret "Indie Singer ng USA"
2. Carson "Loving Lad ng Canada"
3. James "Dashing Dude ng Australia"
4. Sophia "Obedient Darling ng Korea"
5. Jenny "Sassy Smart Girl ng Korea"
6. Ann Li "Diligent Girl ng Taiwan"
7. April "Cantonese Hottie ng Hong Kong"
8. Ryan "Simpatikong Leader ng Korea"
9. Jack "Resort Prince ng Korea"
10. Richard "Romantic Achiever ng Korea"

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