Philippine Elections 2010: Erap did not vote for Binay?

As the Philippine Elections 2010 ends in a few minutes, there are
photos and video circulating online which show that Presidential
candidate Joseph 'Erap' Estrada allegedly did not vote for his running
mate Jejomar 'Jojo' Binay.

Photos have been scattered on Facebook showing Erap's alleged ballot
with 'Vice President' slot left blank.

Maybe Erap just forgot it and didn't mean to skip the said part.

The photos are now shared on Twitter and you can find one here:

There's also a video on Youtube to support it. Watch it:

I thought bawal 'yan di ba? Kaya nga may ballot secrecy folder.

Pero ako kanina, I also didn't utilize much the ballot secrecy folder
'coz I was so nervous kanina, na baka the PCOS machine won't accept my
ballot. But thanks God it was successful. My first time to vote and it
felt so great to see my votes were being counted.

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