PBB's Tricia or April, sino mas mataray?


Tricia Santos, the Athletic Muse of Davao, and April Sun, the Cantonese Hottie of Hong Kong, both look 'mataray' inside the PBB house.

At the Apartment, April told her fellow teen-ternational housemates that she's not at ease with how Tricia at the Villa looked at them during their first encounter last Tuesday. She finds her 'mataray'.

On one hand, right after meeting the teen-ternational housemates face to face, Tricia at the Villa told the other housemates that she also finds April 'mataray' and even asked them who's 'more mataray' between her and April.

Now, given the fact that they're both perceived as 'mataray', who do you think is more 'mataray', Tricia or April?

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