Charice: I met Justin Bieber and he was nice.

Filipina teen sensation Charice got the chance to meet Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber during their taping for an episode on Oprah.

The two are Oprah's guests in that episode, which is going to be shown this Tuesday, May 11.

Though they have separate appearances in the said episode, but still, it would be great to see the two in just one episode.

On Twitter, Charice didn't divulge much about her taping for Oprah (It's her 4th time already in the show). She had only 1 tweet, where she said she met Justin. "I met him and he was nice. What a good kid," she tweeted.

And since, it was Justin's first time on Oprah, he had a number of tweets about his Oprah experience. "Can't believe she interviewed me. Got to sing and rock out on the drums too."

Then he went on to praise Oprah, "Just got to say that Oprah is real nice damn to earth person. She even came back after the show to talk with everyone. She is incredible. And she made my grandpa cry. He went all water works in the crowd."

However, Justin didn't even mention Charice in any of his tweets. Now some are making it an intriguing 'issue'. But in defense of Charice, she only tweeted that as a response to another Twitter user who asked her about Justin.

Maybe, if someone would also ask Justin about Charice, then he might open up too.


Charice also has another reason to celebrate apart from her Oprah guesting and topping the MYX charts.

Her single 'Pyramid' featuring Iyaz is now #1 on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. Whew!

In #2 is Black Eyed Peas' Imma Be followed by 'Dust in Gravity' and 'Freeze' in 3rd and 4th slots.

Previous #1 'Rude Boy' by Rihanna has dropped to #5.

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