3rd Forced Eviction imposed to Shey Bustamante

After Maichel Fideles and Eslove Briones, another housemate on PBB
Teen Clash 2010 has been given a 'Forced Eviction' by Kuya.

I've already reported about it before that Shey Bustamante committed a
major violation for talking about the nomination outside the
confession room. And today, Kuya made a big decision by imposing a
forced eviction to Shey.

It has been revealed that Shey did not commit it once, not twice, but thrice.

First was with Joe Vargas and Patrick Sugui, second with Devon Seron
and third with Kyra Custodio. Kuya called it as 'nomination
conspiracy' and all other housemates involved were given an automatic

With that, Joe, Devon, Kyra and Patrick are the nominees for eviction this week.

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