Indonesian Scandal: Nazril Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya and Cut Tari all denied involvement in the videos


Nazril Ariel Luna Maya Cut Tari

Here's a latest update on the Indonesian video scandal, allegedly involving rockband frontman Nazril "Ariel Peterpan" Irham, actress-host Luna Maya and model Cut Tari, which continues to create stir not only in Indonesia, but also across Asia and in the world.

According to recent reports, they all denied their participation in the three videos which leaked to the net last week, meaning they do not confirm they're the ones doing scandalous acts on those videos.

Couple Nazril Ariel and Luna Maya were the first to deny it claiming it's "engineered", then last Wednesday, Ariel's former girlfriend has also denied she's the girl in one video.

“Even my mother and my husband (J. Yusuf Subrata) don’t believe it’s me,” said Cut Tari in a recent interview with Jakarta Post.

Jakarta Post also reports that an Indonesian minister for communications and information technology is proposing a rule to ban such “negative” content on the internet.

Meanwhile, in an articlen on Jakarta Globe, an American p-rn star Vicky Vette is inviting Ariel and Luna to appear in a video with her. "If Ariel Peterpan & Luna Maya come to the USA, I'll shoot another s - x tape with both of them. I wonder if that would be a hit in Indonesia," she said on Twitter.

The circulation of the Ariel Peterpan video scandal is going so fast. It appeared that it was first posted on Facebook, then on Youtube and now it's been uploaded on various sites like filestube, freshwap, rapidshare, hotfile, dailymotion and many more.

The Indonesian minister is right. It needs to be stopped as Asia is getting rich with more and more video scandals coming out year after year.


Nazril Ariel video
Ariel and Luna

Ariel Peterpan Luna Maya Lux Billboard
Ariel and Luna for a Lux Billboard, which reportedly was pulled out after the video leak

Shirtless Ariel Peterpan

Photos courtesy of Andi Darwis, Detik Forums, National Turk

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