Matteo Guidicelli and girl friend picture

"Agua Bendita" star Matteo Guidicelli has a picture online with an unknown girl who at first look could be his girlfriend.

Matteo Guidicell GF

Notice that Matteo's right hand is atop the girl's crotch area. Of all body parts, why there?

It was sent to SNN last night by a certain marriiick on Twitter and Matteo has quickly denied in the show that the woman is his girlfriend, but he admitted she's just a girl<space>friend, and he has lots of them.

I believe you Matteo. And he looks so much younger there. If she WAS a girlfriend, we need not care anymore.

Matteo is so much blessed now, that his soap "Agua Bendita", with Andi Eigenmann and Jason Abalos, is the unbeatable leader on primetime nationwide. Its ratings are consistently between 35-45% and lately, it's hitting 40+ most of the time.

"Agua Bendita" probably boasts of having super hot lead stars which their rival programs don't have. Feast on their eyecatching bods:

Matteo Guidicelli Cosmo Magazine

Matteo with Andi Eigenmann

Matteo with Jason Abalos

Photos courtesy of @marriiick, Cosmo Mag, StarStudio, Maderbibs

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