Ivan Dorschner, 5th Big Placer of PBB Teen Clash 2010


Fil-Irish Ivan Anthony Dorschner was the 5th Big Placer of PBB Teen Clash 2010, as announced on "Unite on the Big Night" held Saturday night.

He received 137,402 votes or 15.14% of the total votes.

One of the handsomest housemates this edition, Ivan takes pride as the Teen Clash housemate with the most fans on Facebook, a total of 269,244 as of this posting.

Prior to PBB, Ivan already had an exposure on Wowowee (as Bigatin contestant), Showtime (as madlang pipol) and US Girls (as featured hottie). He also graced the pages of a magazine.

Ivan was also the only housemate who entered the Top 100 Google Search Trends. It happened on April 10, 2010 during his entrance in the house. He ranked 90th.

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  1. wow ang ganda na ng buhay ninyo dahil sa pbb...... ang saya no.