Shirtless James Reid and Bret Jackson

Why is it always a delight to see PBB Teen Clash 2010 housemates James Reid and Bret Jackson shirtless? Does anyone have an answer to that?

Shirtless James Reid

Bret Jackson of PBB shirtless

With Bret in the last picture is his dad. If you did watch last night's eviction, Bret's father was there and he was cool and groovy.

He was there to fetch Bret but that didn't happen as Tricia Santos was the one who got evicted.

And you know what? Tricia is evicted already, but right at this moment, at 4 pm, she's trending again on Twitter. It's a big thing because a lot of Twitter users are talking about the FIFA World Cup but she managed to enter the Top 10 worldwide, peaking at #7.

She's by far the only housemate ever to have trended on Twitter for more than 5 times. And apart from being the only housemate being evicted on a Friday night, Tricia is also the only housemate who will be with Mariel Rodriguez on PBB Über for one week.

Photos courtesy of James Reid and Bret Jackson Facebook Page / PEX users segway23 & Bertie Bott

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