"Justin Bieber Pregnant" trending on Google

So surprised to see that the phrase "Justin Bieber pregnant" is
trending on Google, at a high #3. Very funny!

How can Justin Bieber be pregnant? Are those people who have searched
for it fantasizing that Bieber is a girl?

As expected, that baseless rumor has started on Twitter, probably
initiated by anti-Bieber people.

I saw a campain on Twitter which goes like this: "Wanna have some fun?
Everybody google "Justin Bieber pregnant" as many times as you can.
Make it on Google Trends!"

And after an hour, it did make it to the Top Google Trends.

It's the funniest ever Bieber-related keywords on Google Trends and
among the many rumors about Bieber which made it in the list like
Justin Bieber has syphilis, Justin Bieber breaks neck, that he's dead,
Bieber kissing a boy and Bieber was arrested at a night club.

We wouldn't be surprised if Google will change its formula or
measurement of the trending keywords, just like Twitter did on its
Trending Topics.

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