Ann Li, leading in PBB Big 6 voting

Tonight's episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 has revealed
the latest update or tally of the official voting for the 7 remaining

And currently leading is surprisingly Ann Li, the Diligent Girl of Taiwan.

As of June 19, 9PM, here's the partial tally of votes (shown in
percentage) and the 3 housemates who currently own the 1st, 3rd & 5th
slots in the ranking:

1. 18.90% - Ann Li
2. 18.50%
3. 17.42% - Bret Jackson
4. 16.72%
5. 12.48% - Ivan Dorschner
6. 10.54%
7. 5.44%

With Ann proving so strong in the voting, that means Ryan Bang is in
danger of not being included in the Big 6.

Who do you think owns the 2nd slot? I think it's James Reid.

But there are still 7 days more to go before the Big Night and a big
change could still happen in their rankings.

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