CNN to interview Luna Maya about the alleged scandal tape

Indonesian model-actress and TV host Luna Maya will be interviewed by
CNN regarding the scandal tape which allegedly stars Luna and her singer/musician boyfriend Nazril Ilham aka Ariel.

Last Monday, the Indonesian scandal tape caught CNN's attention and
the premiere news network had a written report on its site entitled
"Alleged Celebrity S3x Tape Shocks Modest Indonesia". And now, they want an interview with Luna Maya, probably hoping she will confirm she's the girl in the video.

But also last Monday, Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan were already interviewed by AsiaOne and they still denied the videos, claiming they are victims of defamation. They also appealed to the public not to jump in any

So, I'm wondering what's Luna has to say in her interview with CNN. That's big exposure and she might become worldwide famous for that.

Why didn't CNN interview our very own Katrina Halili before? She was
also in the same situation last year.

Luna Maya actually is not just an ordinary celebrity in Indonesia. She's
UN's World Food Programme National Ambassadress Against Hunger for Indonesia. So maybe, that's why CNN is interested to interview her.

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