Forced Eviction for Jenny Kim

Big Brother has enforced a forced eviction tonight to Korean teenternational housemate Jin Sol Kim aka "Jenny".

And the reason? Well, it's a consequence of all the housemates breaking Kuya's major rules, which actually happened after Kuya staged a very cheap gimmick as a big challenge to them.

In other words, Jenny has solely suffered the consequences of what was supposed to be a fault of all the housemates. Wait, it's actually not
their fault, but Kuya's way of staging a drama inside the house.

Poor Jenny. She's considered among the least hated housemate. Big Brother made a very quick decision and many are wondering if he will still make that decision if James, Bret or Fretzie was put into Jenny's situation. Isn't it too scripted how the 8 housemates didn't sacrifice themselves for Jenny?

Though considered forcibly evicted, Jenny isn't leaving yet but instead, Kuya gave her a special mission. Lemme guess? To test the character again of the housemates? Nothing new.

Jenny's name has already been removed among the voting choices as to
who should be this edition's big winner, leaving Ann, Bret, Devon, Fretzie, Ivan, James and Ryan in the choices. One of them will still have to leave based on your votes.

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