Carrie Prejean & Kyle Boller are getting married

Controversial beauty queen Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller, her
boyfriend for less than a year, are getting married this Friday.

TMZ reports that the wedding of Prejean and Boller is happening on July 2 at the Grand del Mar Hotel in San Diego, California.

Prejean and Boller began dating in November 2009, then got engaged in
February, 2010.

At least, with this new chapter in Prejean's life, she's living up what she said during the Miss USA 2009 pageant that a marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

To refresh your memory, Carrie Prejean competed as Miss California in
the Miss USA 2009 pageant and was 1st Runner Up. She was attacked by some gays and lesbians due to her answer not in favor of same-s-x
marriage in the pageant's Q&A round.

She also had photo and video scandals on the net.

Kyle Boller meanwhile is a 29-year-old American footballer, playing as a quarterback for Oakland Raiders. Prejean is only 23.

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