Crown Princess Victoria Wedding today in Sweden

The wedding of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling is
about to happen today, June 19, at the Storkyrkan (Stockholm

Telegraph UK says that the Swedish royal wedding happening today is
the biggest European wedding ever since Wales' Prince Charles and
Princess Diana got married in 1981.

True enough, as the event will be attended by royal families from
different countries like Denmark, Netherlands, England and even Japan.

There's an extra special something about the Swedish royal wedding.

Crown Princess Victoria, 32, is about to marry Daniel Westling, 36,
who has been called as a "commoner". Meaning, Daniel comes not from a
royal family. His father is a retired social services officer while
his mother is a postal services worker.

Daniel was a gym instructor and only a personal fitness trainor to
Princess Victoria when they had a relationship 7 years ago. There were
objections, but they fought for their love and now, they're getting

Wow, I thought it only happens in movies or in TV series. But it can
really happen.

Crown Princess Victoria, the eldest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf
and Queen Silvia, is a future Queen of Sweden.

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph

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