Justin Bieber has died again in an internet rumor

Another internet rumor is going on that Justin Bieber has died. And
it's already the 4th or 5th time that Bieber is rumored as dead.

Justin died already in an internet hoax last August 2, 2009 then three times this 2010, on January 5, February 22 then just lately, June 10th. Did I miss out a date?

It seems like some people are making fun of something not funny. Someone made a Youtube video with the title "Justin Bieber dead in night club CNN confirms" then a Facebook Page was made and it's simply
called RIP Justin Bieber.

The 16-year-old boy is very much alive. In fact, just two hours ago, he has invited his 3,032,000 Twitter followers to visit his Youtube channel and watch behind-the-scene video of "Somebody to Love" feat.

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