World Cup 2010 Quarter-Finals | Teams who advanced to Stage 3

I feel sad that South Korea was eliminated yesterday and will no longer enter the World Cup 2010 Quarter-Finals.

But for a country who only ranks 47th in the FIFA World Cup, being part of the Round of 16 this 2010 was already a great achievement for South Korea.

Here are the teams who advanced to the FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarter-Finals:

1. Uruguay (World Ranking: #16)
2. Ghana (WR: #32)
3. Argentina (WR: #7)
4. Germany (WR: #6)
5. Paraguay (WR: #31)
6. Netherlands (WR: #4)
7. Brazil (WR: #1)
8. Spain (WR: #2)

USA (WR: #14)
Korea Republic (WR: #47
Mexico (WR: #17)
England (WR: #8)7
Slovakia (WR: #34)
Japan (WR: #45)
Portugal (WR: #3)
Chile (WR: #18)

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