World Cup 2010: Brazilians waxed Koreans

The Day 5 of FIFA World Cup 2010 probably was the most exciting day of the event with Team Brazil winning over Team PRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) not in easy way.

The Brazilian team scored 2 goals (courtesy of Elano and Maicon) but the Team Korea DPR almost stole the match by scoring a goal, thanks to Ji Yun Nam.

Brazilian Maicon was the Man of the Match. But big applause for both teams.

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA World Cup 2010

Another exciting happening yesterday was the match between Portugal and Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire), just because hottie player Cristiano Ronaldo (picture) from the Team Portugal played in the game. He was named the Man of the Match.

It was a bit disappointing though 'coz most people predicted that Portugal would knock out Côte d'Ivoire, but it ended in a scoreless draw.

Prior to the above matches, New Zealand faced Slovakia and it was a 1-1 draw. Man of the Match was Robert Vitteck from Slovakia.

Team Slovakia

Today's matches are Group H's Honduras vs Chile and Spain vs Switzerland, and Group A's for South Africa against Uruguay.

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