Tricia Santos evicted from PBB Teen Clash 2010

Davao's Tricia Santos has been evicted tonight from the PBB house when
her haters have outnumbered her supporters during the 7th eviction of
PBB Teen Clash 2010.

The most nominated housemate this season, Tricia was able to survive 5
evictions, but not the 6th time when PBB launched the "Vote to Evict"
system this season.

Tricia had a high "Vote to Evict" percentage of 31.89 which was
deducted from her Votes to Save and obviously, she got a negative
difference, the lowest among the 4 nominees.

Tricia 26.12%
Bret 11.22%
Devon 10.45%
Jenny 3.44%

Tricia 31.89%
Devon 13.95%
Bret 2.10%
Jenny 0.83%

Bret 9.12%
Jenny 2.62%
Devon -3.50%
Tricia -5.76%

Notice that Tricia has lots of supporters but with many haters. Now
you understand why all of a sudden the Votes to Evict has been used on
this week's voting, because PBB people were probably afraid that
Tricia might end up as big winner. And for next weeks eviction, no
more "Votes to Evict". Tricia fans have every right to protest that.

With Tricia's eviction, the 3 remaining Pinoy housemates have
automatically jumped to the Big 6. They are Ivan, Devon and Fretzie
(who has not been nominated ever).

I actually felt sad that Tricia was evicted. After surviving 5
evictions, she should at least reach the Big Night.

A new voting has began tonight for all the 7 housemates and the 2
Teenternationals with the lowest votes will be evicted, one each on
June 19 and 23.

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