Maricar Reyes is a sleeping beauty

Another video of Maricar Reyes has leaked online wherein Maricar is shown sleeping and wearing nothing but a dirty white panties.

And Hayden Kho Jr is believed to be the one responsible for videotaping Maricar while asleep.

In the said video, Maricar appears to be so tired after a "workout".

It's now the 7th Hayden Kho video on the net and the 4th video with Maricar Reyes.


It made me laugh when I heard the news about Katrina Halili filing a case of medical malpractice against Vicki Belo and her company because according to her, the company allowed Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., who's a newly licensed doctor in 2007, to do a liposuction on her the same year.

How come it took her two years to do that?

Besides, Katrina is not a victim of a "medical malpratice".

In fact, she already made use of her body, which is a product of a liposuction, by dancing to the tune of "Careless Whisper" and endorsing Belo Medical Group with Hayden Kho Jr himself.


There's a big buzz online that three more videos of Hayden Kho are about to surface.

According to rumors, the three videos are videos of Hayden with a Thomasian model named Stephanie, with Cristine Reyes and a threesome video featuring Rufa Mae Quinto and DJ Mo Twister. So interesting but shocking!!!

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