Ariel Peterpan, video scandal star turned inmate | How is he doing in jail?

Nazriel Ariel of Peterpan band is now detained by the Indonesian police in connection with the scandal videos which allegedly featured him plus his past and present gfs Cut Tari and Luna Maya.

But even if Ariel is in jail, his star status still remains as inmates reportedly were starstruck and more than glad to have their music idol with them.

A photo published on Jakarta Globe shows how Ariel is doing in prison. Take a look:

Ariel Peterpan with Inmates Picture

Ariel Peterpan definitely is being well-received by the inmates since his detainment on Tuesday.

And it was indeed a quick move for the Indonesian authority to detain Ariel. According to them, they are charging Ariel for making the video and not for distributing the video.

That's despite the fact that Ariel never admitted he's the guy in the video scandals.

Luna Maya and Cut Tari meanwhile have been spared by the police from being charged because they consider them as witnesses.

From there, I've realized that our very own Hayden Kho Jr is still lucky he's not in Indonesia, or else he might also get imprisoned in barely a month after the scandal leak.

We can't blame Indonesian authority to take the case seriously because the scandal has brought negative image to the country. In a recent article from Time Magazine, it branded Indonesia as a nation with obsession to video scandals and p0rn.

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