Lee Min Ho to visit the Philippines in August 2010

Last year, famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho or Goo Jun Pyo of "Boys Over Flowers" was rumored to visit the Philippines in August 2009.

And this year, Lee Min Ho is reportedly coming to the Philippines in August 2010. Is it just a repetition of last year's rumor?

Well, at least now, we have Tim Yap to look after if that doesn't happen

On his Twitter account, Tim said that Jun Pyo will come to the Philippines this August as an endorser of Etude Homme, a Korean skin care line for men.

Twim's tweet last night: "Got a bagful of Etude Homme products (a Korean skincare line) which I'm going to try before I do my 1-on-1 interview with its endorser JUN PYO and if the brand's plans push through, Korean hearthrob JUN PYO will be coming here this August:-)). K Pop fans, brace yourselves!:-))."

But the sad thing with that news is...it's a 50-50 chance of seeing Jun Pyo here in the country. It will all depend on the brand's decision whether to bring him here or not.

And by the way, Etude Homme is not the only brand that Lee Min Ho is endorsing just recently.

Just last week, he was appointed by LG Electronics as an Ambassador for its newly-launched LG Optimus GT540. He is now an Ambassador to Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Yes, Philippines is included. And there's also a possibility that he will be coming here for a grand launch of the said product.

As the product Ambassador, he will visit Singapore first on July 31. And why don't he drop by here after his Singapore visit?

Photo courtesy of Lee Min Ho Facebook Page

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