James Reid, PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner


Fil-Australian housemate James Reid has triumphed as the Big Winner during the PBB Teen Clash Big Night held earlier.

James had a total online and text votes of 179,294 or 19.75%, winning P1,000,000 cash, a condo unit, Sony Vaio laptop, 46-inch Sony Bravia LCD TV, a business franchise and an Asian trip for two.

He prevented Ryan Bang to be the first ever non-Filipino winner of PBB. Though half-Filipino, James is the first ever PBB winner who doesn't speak fluent Tagalog or any Filipino dialect.

Baby James to his fellow housemates, he's considered among the nicest and well-liked housemates this season, not to mention being the cutest housemate of PBB Teen Clash 2010.

I said before that James was admirable for not expecting himself to be in the Big 6 and even as the Big Winner. He felt that the other housemates were more deserving than him. His humility added to his lovable personality have put him to where he is now, the newest Big winner of Pinoy Big Brother.

While inside the house, fans have paired James to 4 housemates, coining names like: Trimes, Jamli, Jevon and even Brames.

James held the record this season for getting the highest percentage ever, during the 6th Eviction when he got 68.86%.


It was actually a close fight, as any of the Big 6 could end up as big winner. Here's the official and final vote results:
1. James 179,294 19.75%
2. Ryan 169,797 18.70%
3. Fretzie 145,176 15.99%
4. Devon 142,876 15.74%
5. Ivan 137,4027 15.14%
6. Bret 133,239 14.68%

Notice that the total votes combined didn't even reach a million. Does it show that PBB Teen Clash 2010 was the least followed Teen Edition ever?

Here's the voting during Teen Edition 1 & 2 and the total votes were both more than 1.5 million even if there were only Big 4:

Teen Edition 1:
1. Kim 626,562 41.4%
2. Mikee 313,032 20.7%
3. Gerald 293,234 19.4%
4. Claire 279,390 18.5%

Teen Edition Plus:
1. Ejay 620,934 36.31%
2. Robi 588,166 34.39%
3. Nicole 314,582 18.39%
4. Beauty 186,523 10.91%

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