Ann Li evicted from PBB Teen Clash of 2010

Taiwanese housemate Ann Li (Li Yi Shuan) has been evicted from PBB Teen Clash of 2010 during the last eviction held tonight.

Ann Li PBB

As the last evictee of PBB Teen Clash 2010, Ann lost the opportunity to be part of the Big 6 and of the Big Night, which happens this Saturday.

With that, the final and official Big 6 is now composed of Ryan Bang, James Reid, Bret Jackson, Fretzie Bercede, Ivan Dorschner and Devon Seron.

Ann's eviction has caused disappointment to her fans because she was leading in the votes tally last Saturday, but all of a sudden she got evicted for receiving the lowest votes among the Teentertational housemates.

That's the consequence of revealing the names in the vote standing.

Ann received the 4th highest votes and even higher than the three Pinoy housemates. It was unfortunate though that only 3 teenternationals are needed for the Big 6.

As a consolation, Ann has been asked to return inside the house for a special task along with other evicted housemates.

Here's the standing of the votes as of June 23, 10:30 PM:

A 12.05% - 6th - Pinoy
B 16.11% - 3rd - Teenter
C 13.78% - 5th - Pinoy
D 17.64% - 1st - Teenter
E 14.63% - 4th - Teenter - Ann Li (Evicted)
F 8.78% - 7th - Pinoy
G 17.01% - 2nd - Teenter

Prior to that, they revealed the vote standings as of Tuesday, 3PM today and 3 hours after. Notice how Housemate D managed to jump from 7th to 1st in less than a day:

as of June 22, 11PM
1. HM8 B 17.67%
2. HM8 G 17.23%
3. HM8 C 17.03%
4. HM8 E 16.94% (Ann)
5. HM8 A 13.52%
6. HM8 F 9.93%
7. HM8 D 7.68%

as of June 23, 3PM
1. HM8 B 17.45%
2. HM8 G 16.93%
3. HM8 E 15.66% (Ann)
4. HM8 C 15.26%
5. HM8 A 12.84%
6. HM8 D 12.81%
7. HM8 F 9.05%

as of June 23, 6PM
1. HM8 D 17.13%
2. HM8 B 16.59%
3. HM8 G 16.21%
4. HM8 E 14.97% (Ann)
5. HM8 C 14.32%
6. HM8 A 12.35%
7. HM8 F 8.53%

Who do you think own the votes? I think Ryan is Housemate D while Devon is Housemate F.

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