Hidden Message in World Cup 2010 logo

There's a Facebook Page that says "SHOCKING! Very Obvious Hidden Message In 2010 World Cup Logo"...

Here's the World Cup 2010 Logo:

SHOCKING! Very Obvious Hidden Message In 2010 World Cup Logo

Can you see what's the hidden message or meaning?

I can only see that the black silhoutte represents African people. But I don't think it's shocking because it's currently being held in South Africa.

The logo was unveiled in Berlin, Germany on July 7, 2006. It was designed by Switch Design and reportedly, it took them 6 months designing the logo.

It's kinda obvious that the colors in the logo background: black, blue, red, yellow, green and white are also the colors in the flag of South Africa.

HDicon has a thourough interpretation of the logo:

a) The design is dynamic and embodies the burning passion of Africa.
b) A bicycle kicker in the Fifa logo symbolizes the passion of soccer not only for African people but for those of around the world
c) The ‘swishes' extend upwards, from south to north, reaching out to the world. They embody the energy, diversity and fiery passion of our country, and they symbolise the rise of the rainbow nation.
d) The typeface is an original creation. It reflects our personality and reinforces the idea that in South Africa we do things uniquely. It is playful, naïve and free-spirited. It is also bold, welcoming and friendly.

So, what's shocking in there?

But what's more shocking is how Facebook becomes flooded now with the logo. It's being posted in many walls, just to find out what's really the hidden message the Page is trying to point out.

But when you click the said Facebook Page, you'll be redirected to a site, so probably it's meant to fool Facebook users.

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